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Settling Back Into Studio Life……….And Baz Is Still Alive!

Work on the new album is officially well under way guys!!!! The first track for the new album shall be finished by this time next week!!!!! All we need now is for Matty J to sound like he eats hammers next week and all shall be well. Paul is really enjoy being back behind the desk again and is feeling good about the results he is getting!! A lot of hard work ahead guys but all worth it for what we feel is going to be a killer album!!!!

Baz is now well on the mend but still not able to pick a guitar up for a good few weeks yet. Sadly he still has stitches in the one hand but he is heeling well. ¬†Perhaps Jeffsy can lay down a couple more guitar tracks down for him to speed the process up a bit, haha ūüėČ Baz is already well ahead of the rest of the boys having already recorded 7 of his tracks before going in for his operations. As frustrating as he is finding it not being able to pick up an axe it is vital for the future of Obzidian that he got this sorted asap!

More to come soon! Keep it heavy…..

Merch 2 Woman Black

Baz goes in for operation, band out of action for 3 months

At the beginning of November Obzidian will sadly be taking a break from live performances. Our shredder of the six strings Barry Foster has been suffering a carpal tunnel issue in both wrists. It is something he and the band have been monitoring for a few months now. It has been confirmed that due to so many years of slaying his 6 string axes and sadly having to graft at the same time it has taken its toll and he now needs operations on both wrists.

These opps will be carried out at the beginning of November putting him out of action and unable to pick a guitar up let alone play one for around 8 weeks. Any shows throughout November and December are being moved to later dates. Sadly this includes Obzidian’s and Matty J’s hometown show at Wolverhamptons Giffard Arms with Mayhem Promotions on Nov 7th, we will confirm new dates for all postponed shows asap!!

As for the rest of our remaining October dates, fear not we will see you there!

In the mean time Paul, Matty and Jeffsy will be working hard behind the scenes on the new album! We can now confirm that Baz has already been busy recording and raising hell in the studio for a while now! We will still be active online and behind the scenes guys so still please keep your eyes on this page!

We are happy to say that Baz has got in for this opp in good time to give him plenty of recovery time before next years festival circuit. We would also like to express how thankful we are for being on such a understanding and supportive label like Rocksector Records it really is a family feel to this label since signing for them early last year.

Thanks for reading guys, keep it heavy guys and we’ll see you soon!

– Obzidian

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Merch 2 Woman Black

Interviews coming up…

Obzidian have recorded some great interviews lately with radio stations such as “Salford City Radio” and “Metal Nation Radio” as well as some old friends from TBFM. Check out the links below but also keep an eye on Facebook for the latest times to catch these interviews.

Tommy Rocks Show on Salford City Radio –

Metal Nation Radio (Check out Ron’s show on Fridays at 20:00) –¬†

TBFM Online (Keep an eye on the interview section) –¬†


– Obzidian

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Obzidian – British Thrash Metal from the Home of Metal since 2001…

Obzidian goes back to the founder’s high school days when Baz (guitars), Paul (drums) and Jeffsy (bass) formed the basis of the band in 2001. Having added a couple of further members in the formative years, by early 2005, the line-up was stripped back to just one guitarist, Baz, whilst Matty J was added as frontman and vocalist, and the band’s current groove-laden sound was conceived. In March 2007 the band signed with Casket Records and went on to release their self-titled debut in 2007 and “Damned Eternal” in 2012. They played extensively in support of these two releases building a solid reputation across the UK, sharing the stage with the likes of Sepultura, Crowbar, Il Nino and Arch Enemy. “A touch of Sabbathy doom and a hint of death metal violence” Kerrang! Now in 2014 they unleash their 3rd full length offering “Concrete Psychosis” which was released on 8th September on Rocksector Records. Mark Appleton, label manager at Rocksector says “We first saw Obzidian playing live in Manchester and they immediately impressed. Later when we heard the early mixes of the album we were struck by the extraordinarily tight brutal sound which is clear, concise and immense. They’re an exciting prospect for the label and we relish the opportunity to work with them”. Obzidian are: Barry Foster (guitars) | Paul Hayward (drums, vocals) | Matthew Jeffs (bass) | Matthew Jenks (lead vocals)

How to Book/Contact Obzidian…

We have a simple contact page for anyone wishing to enquire regarding bookings and tours. Alternatively our agents can be emailed directly at: (Luke Appleton – Rocksector Records/Iced Earth).

2015 Onwards…

2015 Has been a great year and has seen the partnership between Rocksector Records and Obzidian bloom and march head on into the Metal scene. The band are currently in the studio in between live shows to write and record new material for their 3rd official release. Live shows further afeild, inluding mainland Europe are on the cards along with some festival slots in the coming months. Keep one eye on this website for the latest info.


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